Lifetime Care Club

Save money by paying monthly for your pet's routine preventative care.

Westmorland Lifetime Care Club enables you to budget for your pet's routine preventative care to help keep your pet fit and healthy and ensure a long and happy life. This spreads the cost of routine treatment which is not covered by pet insurers.

The Lifetime Care Club is suitable for dogs, cats and rabbits. The club membership entitles the pet and owner to a great range of benefits, including vaccinations, 6 monthly checks (during normal opening hours), worm and flea treatments and lots more. These regular visits mean your pets health is getting carefully monitored which in many cases may prevent problems arising in the future. Furthermore you can spread the cost of annual membership and pay by monthly Direct Debit. The table below show all the benefits you will recieve - 

How do I join?

Simply fill out the back of the form 

Dogs and Cats (click here to view our information leaflet)

(click here to download application form)

Rabbits (click here to download form)

Send it to the practice or you can give us a call and join over the phone - 01539 722692 or call into the practice and fill out a form. You need to bring your bank details with you. You have 14 days to cancel if you should need to.