Lifetime Care Club Terms & Conditions


Prevention is better than cure! The Lifetime Care Club covers the main preventative health issues of your pet to ensure a long and happy life. The Lifetime Care Club does not cover treatment for unexpected illnesses or accidents - you will need an Isurance Policy to be covered for these eventualities.

Please refer to the leaflet for details of what is included in the Lifetime Care Club you have chosen. It is your responsibility to ensure that you recieve all the treatments included in the Lifetime Care Club.


1) If the Lifetime Care Club is cancelled at anytime other than on an anniversary of joining the plan, we will charge you for any goods recieved under the Lifetime care club, plus a cancellation fee, but any payments you have already made will be offset against the charges.

2) The Lifetime Care Club does not cover treatment for unexpected illnesses or accidents. It only covers preventative healthcare for your pet.

3) If your animal dies or goes missing whilst enrolled in the plan you will be liable for any goods or services recieved by you. Westmorland Veterinary Group will then cancel your plan.

4) You must be 18 years old to join.

5)The 1st instalment will be taken on the 15th of the following month after registration date.

6)The plan only remains in place if you pay your monthly instalments without default.

7) We retain the right to amend the price and content of your plan, however, we will inform you of any change

8) The plan is non transferable between pets.

9) The discounts and benefits of the scheme are not in addition to any other promotions that Westmorland Vets might offer.

10) Membership is renewed automatically and you will be notified in writing by Westmorland.