New Kittens


Give your kitten the best start in life!

We understand how exciting it is to get a new kitten but also how much there is to think about. 

We are here to make sure your kitten has a healthy start to life and to help you give the best care it needs in these important first few months.

For £62.60 we offer…

  • 1st vaccination and full health check from the Vet
  • 2nd vaccination and full health check from the Vet
  • 1 on 1 chat with a Qualified Veterinary Nurse
  • Free ‘Kitten Pack’ with lots of useful info
  • ‘Good Start’ kitten book
  • Free Westmorland Veterinary Group kitten food
  • £2 off your first purchase of Westmorland Veterinary Group
  • Invite to ‘Cat Chat’
  • Worm treatment
  • Flea treatment
  • 4 weeks insurance with Petplan
  • Joining our Life Time Care Club

** Did you know, you can get you 2nd Vaccination FREE if you join our Lifetime Care Club after 1st vaccination! That means you can get all of the above for only £24.80!!**


Cat Chat:

‘Cat Chat’ is an informal evening where we do exactly what it says on the tin – we have a talk about our feline friends! We discuss what normal cat behaviour is and how you can make small changes in your home environment to make sure you and your new kitten get the best start in life. We will take a look at common medical issues and how we can help you ensure your cat stays healthy throughout their whole life.

When: Every few months, ask at your nearest Westmorland Vets surgery for the date of the next one.

Where: Westmorland Vets, Riverside Business Park, Natland Road, Kendal

Time: Evening, last’s approx. 2 hours


Vaccinations and Health Checks:

There are a number of contagious diseases such as Feline Herpesvirus, Feline Calicivirus, Feline Infectious Enteritis, and Feline Leukemia virus. These can cause severe illness or in many cases can be fatal. Many of the diseases are preventable by vaccination. Having a full health check at the time of the vaccinations means you can be confident your kitten is happy and healthy.


1 on 1 chat with the nurse and Kitten Packs:

When you first come to the practice, one of our nurses will have a 1 on 1 chat to make sure your kitten is settling in well at home and they will go through our ‘Kitten Packs’ to make sure you are happy with the care your kitten needs. It’s a good chance to ask questions regarding food, behaviour and insurance.



Worm and Flea Treatment:

It is very important that your kitten gets wormed from a young age as a large worm burden can result in poor and stunted growth. We will give you a free Advocate Spot On treatment to get rid of fleas and roundworms as well as a lot of other nasty mites. Depending on your kittens needs and lifestyle, other treatment may be required prior to the free sample.


Petplan Insurance:

Insurance is something that we would advise. We are now able to diagnose and treat conditions better than ever before due to advances in Veterinary Science and specialised equipment. We want to make sure you never have to compromise on the treatment of your pet due to costs, so we will give you 4 weeks free insurance with Petplan. We would always advise insurance companies which offer life long policies and that give you the best cover for your money.


Life Time Care Club:

Our Life Time Care Club covers what insurance companies won’t. If you join today, we can offer you and your kitten a huge range of discounts, including a FREE 2nd vaccination. Click the link or ask a member of staff for more info.