Repeat Prescription

Repeat Prescriptions during Corona Virus Lockdown


If possible please can you e mail us your medication, flea and worm product and food orders to help reduce the pressure on our phonelines:

For Collections at Kendal e mail:

For Collections at Kirkby Lonsdale e mail:

We will reply to your e mail once your order has been processed and all items have been prepared to say it is ready.  Please then ring us to pay over the phone and then you can come to collect them.  Please wait outside when you arrive and phone to let us know you have arrived.  We will then bring the items out to you and hand them over in a socially distant safe manner. 


Please do not come to the surgery for any reason if you or anyone in your household is self-isolating or if you are in one of the higher risk groups. 

Food and medicine orders and collection:

·        Please pre order all items by email ideally, if not by phone.

·        Our stock levels are high and there are no issues in the veterinary supply chain other than some delayed deliveries.  Please order repeat prescriptions a few days before you need them so we can have everything ready for you.

·        For Collections at Kendal:  Please come to the farm reception entrance (to the left of the Small Animal doors) and either knock on the glass or phone us to let us know you are outside. 

·        For Collections at Kirkby Lonsdale:  Please drive or walk around to the back car park and either make yourself known through the office window or ring us to let us know you are there.

·        Please do not come into the building at either site

·        We will bring your items out to you.  Please ideally pay over the phone or by card payment.

Please bear with our staff as they are all doing their best to cope with increased workloads, decreased team numbers and high stress levels.  We will do our upmost to look after your much loved pets through the challenges of COVID-19.

Many thanks for your patience and assistance with these matters,

The Westmorland Vets Team




Once normal practice resumes

Simply fill in the form below to request a repeat prescription for your pet. Please be aware that online applications received before 12noon, from Monday to Friday will be dispensed after 12noon the following day. Any applications received over the weekend will be processed on Monday and therefore will be ready for collection after 12noon on Tuesday.
Terms and Conditions
This service provides a quick and convenient way for people whose animals are already registered with the surgery to order repeat prescriptions for medication or treatment of their pets.

With the exception of routine treatments (shampoos, worming and flea treatments) we are obliged to examine animals on long term medication regularly . With certain drugs, this interval may be as often as every 3 months. We have to perform these examinations to make sure that the medication is still appropriate and safe to continue using with your pet’s condition. We also need to assess whether your pet’s weight has changed (which may alter the drugs dose) and we get to address any new concerns that you may have with regards to any aspect of your pet’s health.

Each application for a repeat prescription has to be checked against the animal’s history by a veterinary surgeon and once the drugs have been dispensed, a further check is performed to ensure that everything is correct. Therefore, as the applications have to be processed carefully, we need adequate time to complete the dispensing.

Online applications received before 12noon, from Monday to Friday will be dispensed after 12noon the following day. (Applications received over the weekend will be processed on Monday and therefore will be ready for collection after 12noon on Tuesday.)

We ask that urgent applications are telephoned through via the phone service at your local branch.

What medication and how much?
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