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Westmorland Vets Privacy Policy - International cat care (formerly the feline advisory bureau) has reliable information on many of the problems we see in cats and gives excellent advice on management of conditions such as kidney disease, diabetes and hyperthyroidism. - This website gives excellent information and advice on managing your pets noise phobia. - Cat rehoming charity. They may be able to help with the costs of neutering feral cats. - Information for owners of diabetic pets. Canine Hydrotherapy is a controlled aquatic exercise in heated water. - 24 hour expert advice from Veterinary Poison Specialists

Westmorland Vets - Facebook Videos Page - A good selection of useful videos.   Free webinars webinars for anybody who wishes to get a better understanding of cat care.  A free tool kit developed to encourage those buying and breeding puppies to do so responsibly.

Cat Friendly Clinic - A few pointers to further improve the experience of a veterinary trip Adopting and Caring for Rescue Animals - a Guide


How to video's 

How to bandage and Injury     


How to clip your pets claws

How to give a dog or cat a tablet

How to check for fleas

How to clean your pet's ears

How to identify skin conditions

How to apply eye drops

How to collect a urine sample

How to give a subcutaneous injection

 How to give a subcutaneous injection.

 How to give a subcutaneous injection.How to give a subcutaneous injection.