Video Consults during Covid-19

To help look after your pets in these challenging times we are pleased to be able to offer video consults as an additional socially distant method of assessing the needs of your pet if you can't or would prefer not to visit us. 

These are really useful for dealing with more minor problems and to help triage things that may be more major.  This means we can discuss your concerns about your pet and assess the clinical signs whilst you remain in the comfort and safety of your own home. 

We are fully open to physically examine and treat any ill pets as well as for health checks and routine procedures such as vaccinations and neutering.

Offering remote video and phone consults provides another option for us to help care for your pets if for any reason you are unable or would rather not visit us e.g if you are self isolating. 

If you think your pets needs could possibly be dealt with by a remote consult please ask our team about this when you contact us.